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What Kind of Stainless Steel Not Easy Get Rust?

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Stainless Steel metal sheet fabrication attention.There are three main factors affecting stainless steel corrosion:

1. Content of alloy elements

Generally speaking, steel with a chromium content of 10.5% will not rust easily. The higher the chromium and nickel content, the better the corrosion resistance. For example, the nickel content of 304 material is 8-10%, and the chromium content reaches 18-20%. Such stainless steel will not rust under normal circumstances.

2. Production and smelting process

Large stainless steel plants with good smelting technology, advanced equipment and advanced processes can ensure the control of alloy elements, removal of impurities and control of billet cooling temperature. Therefore, the product quality is stable and reliable, with good intrinsic quality and not easy to rust. On the contrary, some small steel plants have backward equipment and backward processes. During the smelting process, impurities cannot be removed, and the products produced will inevitably rust.

3. External environment

An environment with a dry climate and good ventilation is not prone to rust, but areas with high air humidity, continuous rainy weather, or environments with high pH in the air are prone to rust. Made of 304 stainless steel, it will rust if the surrounding environment is too poor.

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