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Marchton Automation One-Stop Precision Machining Services

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Marchton Automation Equipment Co., Ltd owns the following manufacturing capacity: 

  1. CNC machining including CNC machining milling, CNC lathe machining and CNC milling, CNC routing.

  2. Sheet metal processing including CNC cutting, CNC plasma cutting, metal bending, metal stamping, metal shearing, tig welding, mig welding .

  3. 3D printing.

  4. injection molding, die casting.

  5. other service including surface treatment, high volume manufacturing, rapid prototyping.

The customers we serve come from a variety of industries, including robotics, medical devices, optoelectronics, aerospace, smart devices, automation, instrumentation, drones, and other hardware. We can Customize the prcision part according to drawings and samples. Marchton Automation focuses on provideing one-stop service for high-precision, professional and complex parts customization and processing.

We are a manufacturing enterprise specialized in design, R&D, and custom processing of various precision parts and accessories.
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