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CNC Lathe Machining CNC Cutting CNC Milling OEM Precision Metal Part Quality Control

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The CNC parts processing quality inspection process refers to a set of operation procedures for inspecting and testing the processed parts after the CNC parts are processed to ensure that the processing quality meets the requirements. The following is an introduction to the quality inspection process and related issues of CNC parts processing:

  1. visual inspection: visual inspection of the processed parts, including size, shape, surface finish, etc.

  2. Carry out measurement inspection: use professional measuring instruments to carry out accurate size measurement and shape measurement on the processed parts, and check whether the size and shape of the processed parts meet the design requirements.

  3. Three-coordinate measurement with a CMM machine: Use a three-coordinate measuring instrument to perform a comprehensive three-dimensional measurement of the workpiece to check whether the geometric features of the workpiece are correct.

  4. Check surface roughness: Check the finish and flatness of the surface of the workpiece by using a surface roughness measuring instrument.

  5. Cleaning and packaging: Clean the CNC parts that have passed the inspection and take appropriate packaging methods to ensure that they will not be damaged during transportation and storage.

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